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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

The AVID program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at promoting college and career readiness throughout the school. It is designed to assist students in succeeding in Middle School and preparing them for High School and their post-secondary education and future careers. AVID achieves this by focusing on academic support, skill development, and fostering a college-going culture to empower students to reach their full potential. Here are some key ways in which the AVID program contributes to high school student success:

AVID incorporates the latest research-based practices for college and career readiness into the entire school campus. At the secondary level, AVID instructional practices are also applied school-wide, and the AVID Elective class offers an additional layer of support for students who choose to participate.

Arizona Middle School is an AVID School-wide Site of Distinction and an AVID National Demonstration School.  These two AVID certifications represent the Highest Levels of AVID Implementation and demonstrates excellence in instructional practice and the promotion of College Readiness School-Wide.